Jochen Schümann, Thomas Flach and Ingo Borkowski: Three well-known former Soling sailors teamed up on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the class for the European Soling Championship 2015 at their home sailing area, lake Müggelsee.
On day two of the event the lake offered conditions that allowed them to show their ambitions to claim the leading positions. Today the wind changed direction to 95° during the first race and to 130° during the second. Combined with 7-14 bft these conditions are quite rare even for experts of the Müggelsee. The race commitee of organising club YCBG lead by Dr. Jan Prockat handled them well and provided suitable courses.
Jochen Schümann who became world Maxi champion in Porte Cervo (Sardien) just last week demonstrated that he and his crew remember everything they learned from thousands of hours of training and racing on this lake. The Müggelsee is also well-known territory for the team around defending champion Steingroß and the crew Witzmann, Koy and Seelig (YCBG/NRV/YCBG).
However at the end of the day the Schümann-Crew could celebrate two definite wins. The other competing crews acknowledge without envy that the three are able to understand the lake under these conditions best. Closest to Schümann are Hungarian World Soling Champions 2015 Farkas Litkey, Karoly Vezer and Gabor Oroszian. With a second and a third place today they now claim the second overall position in front of defending champions Uwe Steingroß, Karsten Eller and Tim Gieseke from Berlin. They ended today’s races on rank seven and eight.
The fight for the bronze rank is still ongoing and the crews on overall position four (HUN 1; Sandor Varjas and crew), five (GER 308; Karl Haist and crew from Bavaria) and six (UKR 1; Igor Yushiko and crew) are all in reach for it. The weather forecast promises another satisfying racing day tommorrow.
Klaus Müller/Wiebke Lechler    

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