GER 333 with Jochen Schuemann, Thomas Flach and Ingo Borkowski, take two perfect bullets at day two of the Soling European Championship. 

The second one with some grade of authority and knowledge of boat speed and the shifty wind from the East blowing at the Muegwlsee, Berlin. 

At the first race HUN 11 Farkas Litkey, and sailed also a good race finishing second, and they were also third a the second race of the day, but under a real battle with GER 25 also a local hero from the YCBG Hendrik Witzmann, Markus Koy and Knud Seelig. 

The third at the first race was NED 33 with Rudy den Outer, Gavin Lidlow and Robin Segaar . 
The day had little wind in the morning but then it came shifty and gusty, and for the second race together with the sun it rotated to the right almost from the South. 

The sailors were received again at the harbor with beer and gulashe soupe and cake.  

After a while ceremony award of the day to cronw once more Jochen Schuemann, Thomas Flach and Ingo Borkowsk sponsered by the Hotel Spree Idyll and prize gave by manager Mrs Frau Kupfer . 

Tonight the sailors will have a boat tour through Berlin starting at Friedrichshagen pier at 1900. 

Tomorrow two more races are scheduled and if both are completed then most boats will be able to discard their worst result.  

Complete Results 
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